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Trusted Status Application Form

Please complete and submit the form below to be considered as a Trusted Status developer within the Java Verified programme.

Thank you.

1. Contact Name *
2. Contact Email Address *
3. Company Name
4. Please tell us about your company in relation to Java ME: for example, what kind of applications do you produce, and for which types of distribution channel? The more relevant information you can provide, the better. *
5. About how many people does your company employ? *
6. For approximately how many months has your company been using Java Verified? *
*Please note that the title and application terms we've used below are the same as those in the Submission Portal: A title would be 'Magnificent Chess game'. Within the title would be one or more different applications (JAD/JAR pairs): for example: "Magnificent Chess for Nokia Series 40" or "Magnificent chess for Sony Ericsson".
7. Approximately many individual titles* has your organisation submitted to Java Verified through this specific account over the past 12 months? *
8. Approximately how many applications* have been involved? *
9. How many of these applications did you then submit for testing to your chosen test house? *
10. How many of them passed the Java Verified testing with just one test round? *
11. Is there a specific reason why not all of them pass first time? If so, please state it.
12. For the apps you submitted that you didn't then submit for testing, why didn't you? Please tick as many of the following options as you need to. *
To select more than one item, hold down "ctrl" on a PC and "apple" on a Mac.

13. Which test house(s) do you use for your Java Verified application testing? Select as many as you need to. *
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14. Do you make of Java Verified R&D Signing? Please select one of the following options: *
15. Before submitting your applications for testing, have they already been tested internally against the Unified Testing Criteria (UTC)? Please select one of the following options: *
16. If you don't always test against the UTC before submitting your apps to a Java Verified test house, please explain why.
17. Name the locations (countries) from which the apps are being submitted.
Country 1: *
Country 2:
Country 3:
Country 4:
Country 5:
18. Approximately how many Java ME titles did your company create in the last 12 months that were not submitted to Java Verified? *
19. State the two main reasons for getting your apps signed by Java Verified.
Reason 1: *
Reason 2: *
We're also interested in understanding a bit more about the nature and complexity of your apps and through which distribution channels you distribute them.
20. Who are your company's top 5 most important Java ME application distribution channels? (If possible, please name the channel, but if not possible, just state what type of channel they are [eg App Store, Carrier, device manufacturer etc])
Distribution Channel 1: *
Distribution Channel 2:
Distribution Channel 3:
Distribution Channel 4:
Distribution Channel 5:
21. Which members of Java Verified do you do business with for your Java ME applications? Please tick all that apply. *
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Many thanks for having answered the above questions. Please now press 'submit', and we'll be in touch with you again very soon.