Unified Testing Criteria – what do you think?

Read the UTC and let us know what you think.

Updated on September 19 2010: Many thanks for your comments on the Unified Testing Criteria. They’ve been very much appreciated.  We’re now considering them and will announce any changes over the coming weeks.

Do we need to change the tests outlined in the Unified Testing Criteria document?  Should some tests be made optional?  Should some tests be removed altogether?  Should some be added?

We’re keen to understand your thoughts based on your experience of developing Java ME apps.  This is your opportunity to tell us what you think.  Please read the information below, read the Unified Testing Criteria (UTC) document (pdf) and then comment on this blog by Friday September 17th.  Thank you.

For a Java ME app to be awarded the Java Verified endorsement, it needs to have passed every test outlined within the Unified Testing Criteria (UTC) document. An app that has met the criteria will then run on the relevant devices, and will provide a consistently good user experience without causing trouble to the user or the device.

The UTC was developed and is regularly updated by the Java Verified members (AT&T, LG, Motorola, Nokia, Oracle, Orange, Samsung and Vodafone).  It defines and explains the tests covering
Application Launch, User Interface, Localisation, Functionality, Connectivity, Personal Information Management and Security which – when passed – will ensure the application will work on the target devices without causing problems to the user.

Please let us know what you think by posting your comments here by Friday September 17th.

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Trusted Status from Java Verified – what do you think?

Read this Trusted Status FAQ and then post your comments

Updated on September 7 2010: Many thanks for your many suggestions and comments on our new, proposed Trusted Status.    We’ll be considering all of the input and announcing at JavaOne exactly how it’ll work,   plus opening it up for people to apply.  Thanks again.

We’ve just announced Trusted Status: a privileged status (to be made available from JavaOne in September 2010) to be granted to developers who will have proven that the quality of their Java ME apps is of a consistently high standard. These are developers who will have earned the trust of Java Verified by demonstrating unfailingly that testing to the UTC standard is a crucial part of their product development activity.

But before we go any further, we want to consult with you.
Please read the pdf .  The areas we’re really keen on hearing from you about are highlighted in yellow.

Basically, Java Verified developers who are awarded Trusted Status will no longer need to use one of the three accredited test houses to test their applications, and will no longer need to declare the test results. They will have gained the trust of Java Verified that their apps will consistently pass the criteria.

So please let us know what you think by having a dialogue with Java Verified and other developers, carriers and OEMs using this blog.

We’ll be closing off this post for comments on September 6 so we can take in all of your input and then open up Trusted Status for developers to apply on September 20.

Thanks in advance for your thoughts.  We look forward to the discussions!

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