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Docs, FAQs and Other Info

This is where you'll find all of the PDFs, slides and videos referred to within the site.
If you still have a question remaining unanswered, talk to us.


Java Verified 'how to' videos Internal link

Watch the series of short videos introducing the Java Verified Submission portal.

1. Opening a Publisher Account
2. Collecting the account certificate
3. Using the pre-tester
4. Signing your app with a test signature
5. Sending your app for testing and signing
6. Signing your app as a Trusted Status developer

gameloft_first_trusted_status_developer PDF document

On December 17 2010 we announced our first developer to be granted Trusted Status - Gameloft.

View the slides and quotes relating to this announcement.

Trusted Status FAQs PDF document

This is the final FAQ for Trusted Status - updated on November 30 2010.  Trusted Status is a new status for developers announced at JavaOne on September 21 2010 by Java Verified.

Read through the FAQs and - if you're eligible - apply now by completing the online application form.

Trusted_Status_Procedures PDF document

This is the full procedures document for Trusted Status, and is an elaboration of the Trusted Status FAQ document.  

The document was introduced on November 30 2010.

Read this for all the information you will need to know about Trusted Status.


Trusted_Status_Content_IDs_and_Audit_Costs PDF document

This document outlines the cost of Content IDs and App Audits for Trusted Status Developers at November 30 2010.

Sample Trade Mark Licensing Agreement PDF document

This is a sample of the Trade Mark Licensing Agreement you'll need to sign when you first register to use the Java Verified Submission Portal at https://www.pki.javaverfied.com/submission

Also see the Sample Developer Agreement.

Sample Developer Agreement PDF document

This is a sample of the Developer Agreement you'll need to sign when you first register to use the Java Verified Submission Portal

Updated on November 30 2010 with Trusted Status information.

Also see the Sample Trade Mark Licensing Agreement.


Testing Criteria for Java v3.3 - November 2013 PDF document

This latest version incorporates some slight amendments to the following tests:


Removal of the need for an app flow diagram and a questionnaire section 4.1

Changes to FN8 to accommodate new phone behaviours.

Changes to FN12 for touch screen input

Changes to the exceptions for FN15




Table of Supported Devices Internal link

Use this online tool to select the lead Java ME device to test your apps on.

It gives you details of any supporting devices, with JSRs for all.

Search by any combination of the following, and press 'go':

  • device manufacturer
  • screen size
  • device model
  • JSR
  • lead device or supporting device (or device range)

Java Verified Tests Calculator Test calculator

This tool enables you to conveniently define the amount of testing required by your application in Java Verified ...


submission portal Internal link

Here's a link to the Java Verified submission portal.

Please note: you'll only be able to access it if you're registered.
Register here  

Why doesn't my signed midlet work? Video

Risto from Nokia explains why this may be, through slides with a voice-over.

Signing Java ME applications PDF document

What is application signing?  What indicates that an app's been signed?  Where does the signature take the application?

And how do you use the Sun Java Wireless Toolkit for application signing?

Most importantly: what can do wrong, and what do you do when it happens?

RD Signature explained PDF document

Why should you want an R&D Signature before you send your apps for testing?
How do you get one, and what do you do with it?

Publisher ID: what, why, how much and how to install it PDF document

What's a Publisher ID?  Why do you need one?  Where do you get it from, how much does it cost, and how do you install it?

The relationship between user prompts and how Java ME apps are signed Video

Risto Helin talks about the relationship between user prompts and how Java ME applications are signed.

Also see the Signing Java ME Applications pdf.

The Testing & Signing Portal

Registration Portal External link

This is where you will need to register in order to use teh submission portal.  After you fill in your details you will receive a certificate that will let you securely access the submission portal.  This registration and certificate will cost $200.

Submission Portal Changes PDF document

An overview of the to the Java Verified Submission Portal December 2013.  Of interest to those already using the Submission Portal.

Submission Portal External link

The Java Verified Submission Portal through which you submit your Java ME apps to get them testing and signed.

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